Incentives ~

at "It's a Great Day", I regard my clients highly and offer very generous incentives and rewards out of appreciation for my repeat and regular clients and for referrals by satisfied clients...


Repeat clients will serve themselves best when they return frequently.


I offer increasing discounts the more frequently a customer can come. (See the Services tab)

No membership or agreement required to get savings!  No contracts to sign! .... JUST your repeat and frequent business!





It is always my intent to provide outstanding service for each of my customers, but when the customer takes a few minutes after their session to leave a positive comment and rating on my Google Business and Facebook sites, it is very helpful for other potential customers who value those ratings.  I have found that most new customers find me through a Google search for massage therapy. 


So, for those who feel a good review is earned, it is preferred that the customer please leave a good review on my Google Business account.  Just go to Google Maps and type in "It's a Great Day, LLC - Massage Therapy" in the search box and "enter".  Google Maps will zoom into my business location at 3121 Emerald Ln. Suite 300, JCMO.  When my business info appears, please click on the blue "reviews" link under my business name, and you can then leave a review.  Please be sure to show the NUMBER OF STARS to assign your rating, (five stars is my favorite !), and then offer your comments for other future customers!

While it is not appropriate to offer a cash reward in return for a good review, you can be sure that your kindness will always be remembered for supporting my business!

You can also find me on Facebook at "It's a Great Day LLC, Massage Therapy", where you can leave a review too if you like.


Rewards for referrals! 


When a new client states they have come because they were referred by another client, the referring client will receive a $10 discount applied to their next 60 or 90 minute massage after the new client has returned for another session! 


At "It's a Great Day", it is all about YOU.

I am here to serve you and provide you with the many benefits of massage and I look for ways to show you MY appreciation for your support of "It's a Great Day".

Your regular business and referrals to your friends and family are my reward, and I reward you in return for your support!