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Sundragon Rising ~

Dit Da Jow

You may be wondering "WHAT IS DIT DA JOW?"...Briefly described, Sundragon Rising Dit Da Jow is an amazing liquid that is the result of extraction of powerful and beneficial herbal qualities from a selected mix of exotic herbs.  When properly cured over time, the Dit Da Jow may be applied (EXTERNALLY ONLY) to the body to promote healthy benefits. (Caution - Dit Da Jow should not be used by women who are pregnant).


Common uses for Dit Da Jow are for FAST relief of muscle, tendon, ligament and joint well as for inflammation and fast reduction of bruising.  Dit Da Jow is also beneficial for increasing blood circulation.

There are so many applications...and you can feel the Dit Da Jow working its wonders immediately.


Dit da jows are widely used by martial artists to assist the body's recuperation from training stresses to muscles, tendons and ligaments and for bruising.  In China, dit da jows are used widely and it is common practice for martial artists and for Tui Na practitioners to make their own.

In my own massage therapy practice; when the client requests, I can for an additional fee (as determined by the extent of application) apply my own Sundragon Rising dit da jow to areas of concentrated pain with the intent of additional temporary relief from pain.


Wikipedia has a good summary of Dit Da Jow that you will find very informative. You can also find much more information about Dit Da Jow on the Internet. ALL herbs used in various recipes for Dit Da Jow are very powerful and have earned respect for their powers over thousands of years.


For more information regarding Sundragon Rising Dit Da Jow, please email Steve at

A Note for Kim ~


I want to give this space to my friend Kim Beasley.  Kim was a massage therapist with amazing skills and owner of her business Sundragon Massage.  Kim is the person who taught me about the healing benefits of massage, and is the one who urged me onto the path of also becoming a massage therapist. 


Kim was also the person who introduced me to Chinese herbal dit da jow liniments and their powers to relieve pain, which subsequently led to my studies in Traditional Chinese Herbology.  


But most importantly, is that Kim was a rare person of great warmth and goodness. Kim lost her life in October 2015.  Kim was a true friend, and a person with a loving heart who would (and did) help everyone she could.  Those of us that knew and loved Kim will always miss her.


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