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Incentives for Returning Soon 


Briefly stated ~ when you return soon, you benefit your own wellbeing greatly in the process.  At It's a Great Day, I am keeping my costs very economical and reasonable in support of the client's ability to return soon at an affordable cost.

Workplace Chair Massage 

(serving both Employee and Employer) 


An excellent Wellness Bonus Plan for both Employers and their Employees!


When an employer schedules with me for a minimum of 4 hours of employee chair massage in the workplace on a regular monthly basis at my base rate of $60/hour, participating employees will continue to receive an extra $5 off my regular rates for additional massage services provided in my office for the period during which I am retained on a monthly schedule to provide the chair massages in the workplace.  (The employee would then schedule those additional massage services with me directly, and they will pay me directly at the time of the service).


Note that "participating employee" refers to those employees who participate in the workplace chair massage service.


(Monthly minimum hours can also be divided into 2 hour blocks for businesses located within Jefferson City - helpful for businesses with fewer employees who would like to participate...maybe twice a month, for example).

For the scheduled time I provide the workplace chair massage, the employer will obtain in advance the funds to cover that service and pay me directly at the end of the service. (This avoids me transacting payments with individual employees and delaying scheduled start times - a much smoother process!)  The employer will also designate someone to prepare a schedule and notify participating employees of their chair massage time, and to be there and ready 2 minutes prior to their start time - this also makes the process run very smoothly).

Much more detailed information to clarify the ease of this service is available, and can be provided electronically to the interested employer....just text, call or email me, Steve Spradlin, at  If sending an email to request this information, it would be helpful if you could also call or text me at

(816) 872-5605 to alert me that you have requested that information.



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